Sunday, March 11, 2012


I know i talk about it almost every chance that i get in class, but writing has always been important to me. the reference i wrote our past paper on is about exactly that as well. it spoke mostly about how little writing is done in the classroom anymore, to the point that it startled me. i didn't realize the extent to which writing has been kind of blown off to make more time for the other two "R"'s (reading and arithmetic) mostly because of the standardized testing that takes place in schools now. i feel that's really wrong to do. so i pose a question: does anyone else feel we need to have a revolution of the standards? because writing properly is one of the most valuable skills someone can have no matter what feild theyre in.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

just a random thought

As important as i think keeping ourselves updated on trends online with students as we grow older, I feel like it's important to keep something in mind: the students are probably going to know a lot more about the technology they grow up with than we are. We even encounter it ourselves, i know i've mentioned it in a past blog, but a class i'm in now almost assumes we don't know anything about basic programs we've used to write papers and make presentations since middle school, but we're basically talked to as if we don't know anything about what we're dealing with.
i feel like if we're going to try to incorporate a "new" tech into a classroom, we shouldn't assume that the students know nothing about it, but instead inquire through a survey or class discussion what they DO know about it, so that we don't spend an entire class explaining how to use something that they have been using for years.
just a though though.