Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Of the presentations that we had today in class, i feel the one that i am most likely to use is the Comic Life lesson that Ryan presented. Altered of course, because i feel like 12-14 class days is excessive to spend on one simple project. i feel that humor belongs in the classroom though, i plan to incorporate it as much as i can once i actually begin teaching, and the comics idea is a good way to let the students have fun with a project they're doing. If you don't enjoy doing something, the quality of it is going to be far lower than if you put your heart into it.  


  1. I agree! I enjoyed his presentation as well and thought the comic book site was such a creative way to get students interested in a project. I feel it is so unconventional yet easy to use that the students couldn't help but enjoy themselves.

  2. I wanted to point out that sometimes Comic Life comes free with Mac products. It came with my MacBook, which is about 6 years old. I'm not trying to sell you Macs, but just wanted to point that out. And I also agree with you, Dan, the book suggested much too much time for something that can be done much more rapidly. If you are really interested in trying comic life, you should think about using that as your final project. I'd love to see ways you would consider using it in the ELA classroom.

    1. ive messed around with it a little bit kind of thought about how i can incorporate it, but i haven't had time to fully think anything through

  3. I'm glad you all found something helpful from my presentation (of course the majority of the credit goes to the book but I'll take it where I can get it). I agree with you, Dan, and you, Dr. T.O., that the lesson from the book seemed too drawn out. That is why I tried to show my example of Comic Life by presenting one of the adaptations of his lesson plan rather than trying to follow his lesson plan. I think it is a great tool to let the students and the even the teacher present ideas creatively. Might as well put in a plug here for my blog, but you can visit my blog and find more information about Comic Life.

  4. Yes, it was a good presentation. I think it is especially good because it can be used even in schools that don't have access to technology. You, as the teacher, can make a few "comics" with pictures already uploaded but with blank captions, and allow the students to try and come up with captions for the pictures that tell a story. It would be able to be done without computers, and it would probably have some hilarious results.