Sunday, February 19, 2012

Philosophy in high school: thoughts?

When i was in high school, the only real idea of philosophy I had was that old greek guy Socrates and a vague concept about the ideas of philosophy like "nothing is real." Then I got here and took a philosophy class my sophomore year here and I realized what i had been missing. It really does make you think more "out of the box" and that's kind of what critical thinking is all about.
I just thinking how helpful to would have been to be exposed to that line of thought before I got to college, anyone think the same?

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  1. YES! Philosophy is something which I did not study much in high school either. But now in college I am wishing I knew more. In my opinion it is a really important field to have knowledge in. It informs a lot of pedagogy, composition, and literary theory which is obviously a main part of what we have been studying the past couple years.