Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I hate to be that student...

...but i usually am that guy that always forgets to keep up on assignments like this. For instance, i don't even remember when the last blog i wrote was. I don't deliberately ignore these, it's just when i have time to write them i usually forget all about them and when i remember that i have to write something still, i have no time to write them or i'm already working on something else.
So i guess when i end up teaching that will help me, i have always been forgetful about this kind of thing, and i remember having teachers that just refused to accept that fact that i forgot to do an assignment, and i know that i don't want to be like that. I want to be the kind of teacher that's accepting of the fact that students will make mistakes like i do, because being called out in the middle of a high school class because you forgot your homework is one of the most embarrassing feelings


  1. Dan,

    I think this is a great idea. Still, what happens if students start to take advantage of this?

    As a teacher, I think I would just try to remind the student in as many ways as possible that there is an assignment due. Also, since technology is becoming much more widespread in the classroom, it is not uncommon to have a class twitter account where students only follow each other and their teacher. Most cellphones also have an email account linked to the device.

    I would, perhaps, remind the student in class. Then I would send out a reminder via twitter and another via email. Maybe we can use this emerging technology to help students like you!

  2. I agree with not wanting to embarrass your students especially for things that they can't help. It's not right for a teacher to do. If you have a student that forgets to do assignments you just have to remember this and make more of an effort to help the student remember their assignments.