Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So for one of my classes, our project is to create a test (with so many objectives written and everything) but we have to have a certain number of questions, so i based the objectives around something that i would be interested in, the gothic and transcendentalist periods. it's becoming more and more clear how difficult it is to come up with a set amount of multiple choice, true and false, etc. for a unit that would be fit more iwht a few essay's just a little frustrating to try and stretch it to fit the assignment guidelines he gave us -_-


  1. I actually had the same problem. It makes me nervous to see how challenging it may becoming when making tests a lot more often when we are teachers. Will it become easier? Harder? I'm unsure.

  2. I think it is a learning process and one of the ways in which we grow as an educator. Rarely can someone come in having barely done something before and do it perfectly, and the same is true here. While it may be hard as all get-out now I think it may get easier as you go, especially once you are much more disciplined on time management and your material specializations.