Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is it a bad sign that i still get nervous talking in front of people?

I don't get overly nervous or anything, and i always make sure that I'm prepared for what ever i'm doing, it's just the fact that giving a formal presentation in front of people makes me cringe. I don't enjoy getting in front of people who expect me to have every word that im going to say planned out, it just bugs me. I like the setting of informality in a class, it makes it more relaxed, i can't be the only one, right? I know that you still have to have control over the class, but there has to be a way to mix informal and formal class for a high school, because high schoolers are a little more difficult to control than a college class. It's just something that i've been thinking about lately, I like informal classes because they're more relaxed, but at the same time, i don't want every class i teach to be hectic if i can't control them.

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  1. I still get so nervous when I have to give a presentation or get up in front of the class. I recently had some people tell me that they never would have guessed that I feel this way, which was extremely comforting. Whenever I admit this though I get the usual, "but you're going to be a teacher." While it does scare me a little to be the one in front of the class, I get more nervous giving presentations to peers. I think eventually it is something I may get over, which is why I challenge myself to go to conferences and present things there. It helps to know that I can do it even when I'm not being forced for a class and it's because I chose to do it. Anyway, no you're not the only one!